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In recent times, crash games have actively squeezed the usual slots. This is quite understandable, as they offer a completely new concept by introducing crypto into the iGaming environment.

crash game

Not all players know what a cash game is and do not understand the principle of this entertainment. At the same time, developers are actively creating new projects, and the existing crash games have already gathered a lot of fans. In particular, the most popular crash game for money airplane is found in virtually every online casino.

What is a crash game for money

The game crash for money Aviator Samolet and all similar entertainments work on the same principle – here you can see a line or an object that increases the multiplier for a certain time within one round. This object can crash at any moment (this is the reason why the presented amusements are labeled “crash games”). The gamer can collect his winnings at any time.

In general, there are no complicated or obscure rules here. Compared to regular entertainment, crash games are simpler and faster, so they are appreciated by players who want quick results.

First of all, the game crash for money rocket and its like, were created on the basis of blockchain technology, so they are perfect for those who prefer to bet in cryptocurrency.

The round itself is something imitates the game on the crypto exchange, because of which the audience of fans of these entertainments immediately began to grow rapidly.

In addition, for betting, the player can choose a suitable token from a variety of options. Crash games are capable of being embedded into the online casino platform as well as provided by individual providers. Their integrated entertainment is more often than not less expressive in the matter of graphics and animation, while they offer more generous payouts to players.

Features of crash games: what you need to know before betting

Crash airplane cash game and similar amusements are not the most popular type of games when compared to slots. The fact is that this is a new and not yet known to everyone format, which is known to a relatively small number of players. In addition, not all studios undertake the development of crash games, most often they are offered by small companies.

At the heart of the gambling process is cryptographic mechanics, because of this Aviator crash game for money and other provably honest. When choosing a game, you can have no doubts about its honesty and reliability, the results can be checked with real-time statistics without any problems.

The main features of crash games include the following:

  • Rules and functionality. The entertainment presented is quite simple and similar to each other. The gamer must place one bet per round or multiple bets in an attempt to grab their prize before the drop/explosion/crash occurs.
  • Coefficients. Each crash game has a multiplier or multiplier that gradually increases or decreases over the course of the game round. It is he who shows how many times the bet amount will be multiplied, if the player fixes the profit at a certain moment of the game.
  • Betting Format. You can bet money for each round manually before starting or you can activate autoplay by fixing a certain amount. In the Aviator game and others it is most often possible to make 2 bets at once, in the Jetx game you can do 3. The autostakes function involves many parameters: amount, number of bets, stop profit and others.
  • Moment of Conclusion. The player can set the Auto CashOut feature at his discretion – in this situation, the gamer chooses the multiplier after which Auto CashOut will occur.
  • The minimum withdrawal point is set at a multiplier of x1, but it makes no sense to put a withdrawal point that equals the bet amount itself. The higher the multiplier, the lower the probability of withdrawal. Of course, exiting a crash game can also be done manually.

It’s also worth noting that crash games are social entertainment, often involving multiple real players in a round at the same time. In a separate window there is a table where you can see what other players are betting, exactly how much they bet on this round and how much they won. Some games provide an option for players to communicate via chat to share emotions, tips, and experiences.

The most popular Crash games for money

Among the crash games, there are certain leaders that are popular among gamblers. They are characterized by high odds, simple mechanics and a dynamic process. The games most often launched by players are Lucky jet, Aviator, Upx, Jet-x. More details about each of these can be found below.

Lucky Jet

Lucky jet

Lucky Jet cash game is a new version that is similar to the official Aviator. It has become a real hit at 1Win virtual gambling establishment. As the official site of Lucky Jet indicates, this entertainment combines clear rules and independent control of fairness of returns, which works on the basis of the Provably Fair algorithm. Playing Lucky Jet for money is quite easy, the theme is about space.

The round starts from the ground up, once the player has placed their bet, it’s all up to them. Betting money and withdrawals are required before Lucky Joe can move up. Lucky Jet’s website allows you to download a smartphone version, in addition, you can bet from a PC. The RTP of Lucky Jet 2023 is 97%. No more than 2 bets can be placed in a round.


Aviator game

Aviator for money is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to crash games. The Aviator game was released by the developers of Spribe in 2019 and since then it has gained a lot of popularity. Betting at Aviator online is quite profitable in the long run as the RTP is 97%. The essence of the game is to follow the flight of the airplane and catch the most favorable odds. The aviator game on The money runs from any device – PC and smartphone.

You can use the official Aviator site, you can also bet at a variety of online casinos. In addition, the Aviator game is equipped with additional functionality: real-time statistics, chat with players, promotional option “Rain” and others.


Jet X

The Jetx game is simple and straightforward entertainment. The rules of Jet.x are that you have to start a round and wait for the result, whether the bet plays or not. Jetx casino offers a lot of entertainment, but this crash game remains the most popular among players. The round very rarely breaks at the threshold of odds of 1.1 and 1.2, so it is completely safe to bet.

Jetx works on the basis of HSC, the developer adheres to honesty control, so third parties cannot influence the result. You can run the crash game at Jetx casino in demo format or for real money.


Up X

Upx official website has managed to gain more than 4,000,000 users over the years. You can download Up x on Android/iOS, or run the game through the official platform. The principle of entertainment in Upx casino is the same as in other variants of crash games, you need to make a bet and catch the most favorable odds to withdraw money. Upx site offers a lot of entertainment, but the crash game remains the most popular.

The principle of betting is simple: you need to specify the amount and start playing. The graph will go up and the longer the user stays in the game, the higher the multiplier. But it’s worth keeping in mind that the chart could collapse at any time. You can see how high it grows in the story. Upx x also has an auto-lose bet option, there is an honesty control here. Upx official portal offers players unique advantages: cashback, affiliate program, 100% of accruals from replenishment to referrals, Upx promo codes and so on.


Now, to bet in crash games, you can visit not only the Aviator site, but also other sites with exciting entertainment. If you’re tired of traditional slots and want to try something new, crash cash game is a great solution. Each round is somewhat interactive, the player always has the choice to continue and further test their luck or withdraw their money. While choosing the right entertainment is certainly worth paying attention to the return, volatility, the presence of additional options and the maximum possible winnings per round.

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